Digital Technology

T-Scan® computerized bite analysis

The T-scan® is a system that uses an intra-oral sensor to messure the patient’s occlusion. Like an x-ray it shows the dental team where there may be distructive forces that are not visible to the naked eye. The T-Scan® system enhances patient education, reduces costly repeat visits and remakes, and enables a more confident, proactive approach to patient care. To our practice the T-Scan is used as a diagnostic tool, a documentation tool, an educational tool, a communication tool, an orientation tool, a precision tool, a monitoring tool, a teaching tool, and a treatment tool.

Digital Imaging

We offer many different types of digital imaging in our practice. We use intra-oral cameras to capture small areas in the mouth during restorative procedures and for diagnostic appointments. We utilize digital radiography which is the most efficient form of x-ray imaging. Digital x-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film; the advantages include time efficiency through bypassing chemical processing, the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images and reduced radiation during the exposure time.

Digital Scanner

Say goodbye to the goopy, sticky impression material! Our team is now using digital imaging with the 3Shape Trios 3D scanner in place of our dental impressions. Ask us about it at your next dental appointment.

Laser Dentistry

Our doctors and hygienists are certified in laser dentistry. We offer both the BIolase and Sirona diode lasers in our practice. Lasers assist in regeneration of lost collagen and connective tissue that is caused by periodontal disease, alleviate pain associated with tooth sensitivity, eliminate bacteria, and reduce, treat and stop the occurrence of pathos ulcers. Lasers are used for cosmetic dentistry for crown lengthening to acheive a more esthetic smile and in surgical procedures to reduce pain and the need for sutures. Lasers allow a proactive approach to dentistry and improve patient quality of oral health. We continuously elevate our standard of care to improve patient outcomes through laser technology.

To learn more about our office and our other advanced dental technology solutions, please call today for a consultation.