Stretches and Exercises

Shoulder stretch

Lay down on a hard surface (floor) place a thin pillow or towel behind the head for support and comfort. Then place a rolled towel behind your upper back just below and horizontal to your shoulder blades. Take long slow breaths in the top part of your lungs. Your belly should not be rising as you’re breathing. Then have someone push your shoulders back towards the floor and hold you there for 3-4 minutes.

Exercise ball stretch

Using a large exercise ball, lay on your back, after balanced, stretch your arms up and let the weight of them stretch your back, shoulders and chest.

Doorway stretch

Line up with a doorway. Place your hands on the sides of the door way. Stand with one leg behind the other and lightly push yourself into the doorway, stretching your chest and shoulders.

Karate Belt Stretch

Using a karate belt, yoga belt or even a bath robe belt , apply belt on back, under your arms. Bring both straps over your shoulders and crisscross behind your back. Lastly pull both straps down to help stretch the shoulders back. The main key to this stretch is to take a deep breath up high and stretch shoulders back. Recommended time is 3-5 minutes, taking a few deep breaths a minute.

Jaw exercises

Do all these exercises with your deprogrammer in your mouth. While looking into a mirror, try to track your lower jaw straight forward, then straight left and right. Also, open and close without letting you jaw veer left or right. If having difficulty, light pressure to your chin while doing the exercises may be beneficial.